A new model for helping Americans build financial resilience.


Harmonic is creating a new way to help businesses inspire their employees' financial planning with one secret weapon: dogs.

Just kidding- but not really. Harmonic came to us ready to take their offerings big time and deliver Banking-as-a-Service and Insurance-as-a-Service to businesses looking to empower their community in new ways. Talking to Millennials about financials: it’s so much more than Avocado-toast-shaming- who knew?

The logo: It’s a smile. It’s an umbrella. Need we say more? Harmonic is all about a positive outlook on financial planning- so pairing the iconic symbol of a smile with an umbrella- a symbol we use throughout the brand as an analogy for preparedness- just made sense.

Take your business to new heights

Life is full of ups and downs. You find an impossibly good show on Hulu: win. A client approves the first concept without revisions: win. Your dog suddenly thinks rocks are really delicious resulting in a vet bill that makes you sweat: loss. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.
The folks at Harmonic know all of this firsthand- and equating the rollercoaster that is life with the unpredictability of the weather seemed like the perfect analogy for financial planning in today’s climate. Plus it gave us an excuse to put dogs in rain jackets.

Harmonic’s site uses illustration and plenty of microanimations to add color and approachability to topics that can feel intimidating. Not only does their home on the web function as a great selling tool, it’s also just a lot of fun.

We created a cast of characters for Harmonic to implement in any application they could dream up. Here at Good Bones, no task is too large, and we took the job of picking the right dog breed for each product very seriously. A painterly french pug is just the perfect mascot for branded cards, in our humble opinion.

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Harmonic needed an alternate, highly replicable illustration style that would flex well with their partner’s brands and be easily adaptable to alternate color palettes. We created a more simple, vector based illustration library to bring the same friendly energy from the site to the app, just a little pared back.

We created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines for the Harmonic team to be able to implement their shiny new brand all on their own.

We always aim to give our clients all of the tools they need to tackle the “now what?” phase at the end of a branding engagement with ease.

Harmonic needed a library of LinkedIn assets to get on their feet and bring their dogs to new feeds. We created an array of templates for easy edits and quick publishing.

We continue to assist the Harmonic team with their new product offerings and social media needs.

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