Crafting Your Lifestyle Brand: The Power of Storytelling in Brand Identity Design

In a world where customers can access just about any product at the click of a button and have it arrive on their doorstep in days, telling a compelling story with your brand has never been more important.

We’re firm believers in the power of small businesses to make change and inspire action, and lifestyle brands prove an especially effective vehicle for this time and time again.

Read on to find out how we help our clients tell their story, map their future, and bring their community along for the ride.

Crafting Your Story and Branding Strategy

Branding isn't just creating a trendy logo; it's crafting a unique roadmap for your brand's visuals and voice, enabling you to tell your story and connect with your audience for years to come. At our studio, we start with a Discovery phase before creating any visuals. This phase is crucial for laying the foundation of your small business branding.

We begin with an initial consultation to understand your journey, business goals, and what sets you apart in the market.

This is an opportunity for you to bring us into the fold to deeply understand your values, processes, and story, and maybe even discover a little bit about yourselves in the process. We’ll ask insightful questions to get you thinking about your brand from a new perspective, and allow us to dig even deeper into what makes your business unique. At the end of this phase, we deliver a document that outlines our summary, deliverables, and strategy moving forward.

Lifestyle Branding

With our strategy in place, we move on to creating visuals that align with the lifestyle you’re promoting and speak to your community. We'll present multiple Branding Concepts for your team to choose from. Once we align on visuals and make any revisions necessary, we’ll create a Brand Kit for your team to put the brand into action— including guidance on logos, typography, color, and imagery. Want to learn more about our process? Read further about our studio here.

Take a look at some of the lifestyle brands we’ve designed so far to see how we tackle this project time and time again.

Case Study: Groundswell Guild

Groundswell Guild focuses on seasonal living tips and boutique products for contemporary homemakers. By developing visuals inspired by Farmers Almanacs and French Manuscript design, we created a cozy, charming brand. This helped establish proprietor David Fierabend as a trusted voice in the lifestyle space. Groundswell uses these ever-changing visuals to connect with their community in a fresh way each season.

We applied Groundswell’s brand to a custom ecommerce site design and developed the whole thing in Webflow for an easy backend experience.

Case Study: Standing Wave

Standing Wave is a roastery inspired by mornings spent whitewater kayaking, driven by sustainable business practices. Working with the Frye brothers, we encapsulated the feeling of adventure in your morning cup. The brand features versatile marks inspired by nautical symbols and river metrics, and its voice uses kayaking and wave terminology to connect with outdoors lovers and aspiring adventurers. The Frye brothers also share insights into their roasting techniques and small business journey throughout their ecommerce site, giving their audience a peek behind the curtain.

We created a custom marketing website for Standing Wave to sell their wares and stay connected.

Building a Lasting Connection

Branding for lifestyle brands requires a deep understanding of your audience, a compelling narrative, and a consistent identity.

By focusing on authenticity, storytelling, and community building, you can create a brand that not only stands out in the market but also forms a lasting emotional connection with your customers. 

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